19 Soothing Paint Colors to Try: Experts Reveal Their Top Picks for a Serene Home Interior

Making your home as cozy and calming as possible starts with the essentials: beautiful decor, comfortable furniture, eye-catching accents, and, most importantly, color. Color can have a significant impact on the way you perceive a room. And with so many hues and shades to choose from, the very act of selecting the right paint color […]

Holistic Design, Because Who Doesn’t Want to Feel Better

With wellness growing to a trillion-dollar industry, I’m forecasting that we’ll see Holistic Design go mainstream. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of all your possessions to discover the benefits that living in a purposeful, organic way can bring.

How to Move Beyond a Decorating Theme and Design with Style

Designing the interior of your home should not be thought of as a theme.  Choosing all your decorating choices to match one specific theme can quickly turn overdone and visually uninteresting.   An exception to this rule, could be a child’s space…a playroom, bedroom, etc.  For example, when you choose something such as a cabin, jungle […]

Love your home so you never have to leave it

A professional interior designer can help you remodel or build your next home with the future in mind. When selecting a designer for a home where you intend to “Age-In-Place,” find one who listens to you and designs to your personal needs.

Boost Your Airbnb Profits With These Styling Tips

Styling an Airbnb property is similar to home staging, but there are some differences as well. Like staging, Airbnb styling needs to highlight the best features of the property. That could mean moving furniture around to create a cozier atmosphere; or investing in new furnishings and home décor.

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